Tumbler" Contentment " by Sha Yang

Sha Yang Discloses The Tumbler" Contentment " Roly Poly, Movable Wooden Toys

Sha Yang, the lead designer of the award winning work Tumbler" Contentment " - Roly Poly, movable wooden toys, by Sha Yang says, How to have a rainbow? How to hug a summer wind? I am always touched by some subtle things and feel very sati <Cropped>

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Vodka Bottle by Edvardas Kavarskas

Edvardas Kavarskas Creates The Lithuanian Vodka Gold Limited Edition Vodka Bottle

Edvardas Kavarskas, the creative mind behind the displayed project Vodka bottle by Edvardas Kavarskas demonstrates, The special edition of Lithuanian Vodka Gold designed with modern ethnographical symbols is an unexpected link between yesterday and t <Cropped>

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Krystal Nature’s Alkaline Water by Krystal Nature's Alkaline Water 莹®天然鹼性水

Krystal Nature's Alkaline Water 莹®天然鹼性水 Portrays The Krystal Nature’s Alkaline Water Packaging

Krystal Nature's Alkaline Water 莹®天然鹼性水, the project leader of the displayed design Award Winning KRYSTAL Nature’s Alkaline Water Packaging says, KRYSTAL water epitomizes the essence of luxury and wellness in a bottle. Featuring a <Cropped>

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Stainless Steel Continuous Facade System by Roberto Volpe

Roberto Volpe Shares The Cruise Spiderglass Stainless Steel Continuous Facade System

Roberto Volpe, the designer of the award winning project Cruise Spiderglass - Stainless steel Continuous Facade System by Roberto Volpe points out, CRUISE, the importance of style. Cruise, designed by Roberto Volpe for Faraone, want be a new tendence <Cropped>

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Drink Coffee and Saucer by Josue Rivera Gandia

Josue Rivera Gandia Designs The Loa Coffee Cup Drink Coffee and Saucer

Josue Rivera Gandia, the thinktank behind the awarded project Josue Rivera Gandia's LOA Coffee Cup Drink coffee and saucer explicates, These events represent multiple activities that define the dynamic act in a spacial and programed environment. <Cropped>

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Label Design Competition by Worldlabel

Worldlabel Presents The Mason Jar Design Competition For Jar Labels, Free to Join For All Participants

To take part in this competition, all you need to do is to download jar label templates images from worldlabel.com and design labels that could fit these templates. At http://www.worldlabel.com/Pages/jar.htm you can find some examples of the template <Cropped>

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Ceiling Fan by Tess Simon

Tess Simon Spotlights The Haiku Ceiling Fan

Tess Simon, the maker of the award winning project Haiku - Ceiling Fan by Tess Simon says, Haiku looks different because it is different, with handcrafted Thin Sheet™ airfoils connecting seamlessly at its center. Every Haiku undergoes multiple qual <Cropped>

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House:chateau D'eau by Mauro Brigham

Mauro Brigham Illustrates The Chateau D'eau House

Mauro Brigham, the author of the award winning design House by Mauro Brigham explicates, Conversion of an old watertower into a house. A landmark building with huge efforts needed in isolation and integration of the technical installations and techno <Cropped>

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Al Dana-Office Tower by Marwan Zgheib

Marwan Zgheib Demonstrates The Al Dana Office Tower

Marwan Zgheib, the thinktank behind the award winning work Office tower by Marwan Zgheib spells out, The Al Dana Tower is a ground-breaking structure with a breathtaking spherical conference room, in the shape of a Gulf Pearl, anchored at only two po <Cropped>

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Anna Rita Emili's Absolute Box Small House Post Disaster

Anna Rita Emili Shares The Absolute Box Small House Post Disaster

Anna Rita Emili, the creative mind behind the awarded project SMALL HOUSE POST DISASTER by Anna Rita Emili spells out, This self-sufficient emergency structure is made of two structural steel frames enveloping a volume of plasterboard panels coated w <Cropped>

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