Kettle, Coffee and Tea Machine, Toaster:icon Breakfast Set by Vestel Id Team

Vestel Id Team Reveals The Icon Breakfast Set Kettle, Coffee and Tea Machine, Toaster

Vestel Id Team, the thinktank behind the displayed design kettle, coffee and tea machine, toaster:ICON breakfast set by Vestel Id Team explicates, The ICON breakfast set, including filter coffee machine, kettle, long slot toaster and tea maker brings <Cropped>

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Multifunctional Bicycle by Dimitrios Spyropoulos

Dimitrios Spyropoulos Discloses The Dwelling Bicycle Multifunctional Bicycle

Dimitrios Spyropoulos, the author of the highlighted design Award Winning Dwelling Bicycle Multifunctional Bicycle illustrates, Transportation, recreation, racing... Undoubtedly, the variety of functions that a bicycle can perform is impressive. What <Cropped>

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Hills Sales Centre-Real Estate Sales Centre by Kris Lin

Kris Lin Discloses The Hills Sales Centre Real Estate Sales Centre

Kris Lin, the creative mind behind the awarded work Hills Sales Centre by Kris Lin explicates, The space on site is irregular and curve due to exterior wall of the building. Hence the designer applies the concept of flow lines in this case with the <Cropped>

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Calendar 2013 “waterwheel”-Calendar by Katsumi Tamura

Katsumi Tamura Reveals The Calendar 2013 “waterwheel” Calendar

Katsumi Tamura, the thinktank behind the highlighted design calendar 2013 “Waterwheel” by Katsumi Tamura explains, The Waterwheel is a three-dimensional calendar made from six paddles assembled in the shape of a waterwheel. Rotate a unique stand- <Cropped>

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Jcb Project 120

Design a Jcb Backhoe Loader For The Year 2073. The Operation of The Machine, The Environment It Works in, Extra Functions, Energy Sources, Materials, Technologies, Style and Design-is Down to You!prizes. 1st Prize £2, 000, 2nd Prize £1, 000, 3rd Prize

Design a jcb backhoe loader for the year 2073. the operation of the machine, the environment it works in, extra functions, energy sources, materials, technologies, style and design - is down to you!Prizes. 1st prize £2,000, 2nd prize £1,000, 3rd p <Cropped>

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How to Get Your Designs Published At Printed Magazines

Learn How to Pitch Local Media, Editors and Print Publications to Get Your Designs Published

This article, presented by DesignPRWire explains how to pitch local media, editors and publications to get your designs published in traditional media in 20 simple steps. Step 1 starts by visiting a newsstand, a magazine kiosk or the magazine section <Cropped>

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Chair:butterfly by Eduardo García Campos

Eduardo García Campos Presents The Butterfly Chair

Eduardo García Campos, the author of the awarded work Award Winning Butterfly Chair explains, "Butterfly" is part of an exercise in exploration of metal processes. Inspired by Mexican Monarca Butterflies, which despite to the fragile appea <Cropped>

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Dog by Viktor & Yuriy Kovtun

Viktor & Yuriy Kovtun Spotlights The Dog Commode

Viktor & Yuriy Kovtun, the designer of the displayed design Award Winning dog commode explains, This commode is similar to a dog externally. It is very joyful, but, at the same time, is very functional. Thirteen boxes of different size are locat <Cropped>

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Fishing Bait:solar Fishing Lure by Hakan Gürsu

Hakan Gürsu Spotlights The Solar Fishing Lure Fishing Bait

Hakan Gürsu, the architect of the award winning project Solar Fishing Lure by Hakan Gürsu explicates, Inspired by fishing enthusiasts, Solar Fishing Lure is a solar-powered fishing bait. Used just as the conventional baits, it has the advantage of <Cropped>

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2014 Franz Award

The Franz Award Is An International Porcelain Design Contest Established in 2007. We Aim to Provide a Platform For Young Designers Around The World to Meet and Gather Creativity and Inspiration. Organized by 2014 Franz Award Project Team[call For Entries

The franz award is an international porcelain design contest established in 2007. we aim to provide a platform for young designers around the world to meet and gather creativity and inspiration. Organized by 2014 franz award project team[call for ent <Cropped>

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