You Design & You Shine-Beach Sarong Design Contest

Got Talent and Want Exposure? Whether You’re An Aspiring or Experienced Artist, Submit Your Designs and Gain a Golden Opportunity to Design Beach Sarongs For a Californian Based Beach Clothing Company!how to Enter: Step 1: Stick to The Theme ‘flora

Got talent and want exposure? whether you’re an aspiring or experienced artist, submit your designs and gain a golden opportunity to design beach sarongs for a californian based beach clothing company!How to enter: step 1: stick to the theme ‘ <Cropped>

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Overground Container:big Bin by Formato Verde, Sl

Formato Verde, Sl Presents The Big Bin Overground Container

Formato Verde, Sl , the thinktank behind the displayed project Formato Verde, Sl 's Big bin Overground Container explicates, The Big.Bin is a container designed to help humanize the city. Its clean shapes approach it to the domestic sphere, see <Cropped>

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Filimena Radonjanin's Bonbon2 a Multifunctional Sofa

Filimena Radonjanin Demonstrates The Bonbon2 a Multifunctional Sofa

Filimena Radonjanin, the author of the highlighted work A Multifunctional Sofa:BonBon2 by Filimena Radonjanin illustrates, Multifunctional sofa consist 4 elements: A. two-seat / single bed / lounge chair, B. cushion, C. ottoman / back support, D. han <Cropped>

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Cat's Cradle-Living-Room Chair by Stoel Burrowes

Stoel Burrowes Shares The Cat's Cradle Living-Room Chair

Stoel Burrowes, the creator of the award winning work Living-Room Chair by Stoel Burrowes explicates, Digits or Fibers, a current design process dilemma. All of us are beginners but some of us have to work at it. Beginning designers observe every tec <Cropped>

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Tourism Promotion Offices by Emanuele Spano

Emanuele Spano Creates The Puglia Tourism Promotion Offices

Emanuele Spano, the architect of the displayed design Puglia - Tourism Promotion Offices by Emanuele Spano explains, PUGLIA is front/back office space that arises in relation to the architecture and spaces of Puglia. Simplification, rooting, archaic <Cropped>

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A Designer a Day-3rd Edition

La Trentina, Consortium Producing and Selling Apples, Supports and Promotes Young Designers Giving “space” to Their Creativity With The a Designer a Day Competition Which, Now in Its Third Edition, Returns in a Renewed and “evolved” Form: No Longe

La trentina, consortium producing and selling apples, supports and promotes young designers giving “space” to their creativity with the a designer a day competition which, now in its third edition, returns in a renewed and “evolved” form: no <Cropped>

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Gilda and Metamorphosis Collections by Francesca De Blasi

Francesca De Blasi Shows The Gilda and Metamorphosis Collections Beachwear & Fashion Collection

Francesca De Blasi, the lead designer of the award winning work Francesca De Blasi's Gilda and Metamorphosis Collections Beachwear & Fashion Collection says, "Gilda & Metamorphosis Collection" by Francesca De Blasi is a refined <Cropped>

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Drawing Templates:insectorama by Stefan De Pauw

Stefan De Pauw Demonstrates The Insectorama Drawing Templates

Stefan De Pauw, the architect of the highlighted work Drawing templates by Stefan De Pauw points out, InsectOrama is a set of 6 drawing templates containing 48 shapes. Children (and adults) can use them to draw imaginary creatures. Contrary to most d <Cropped>

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Design Registry

Design Registry Helps Designers to Register Design Claims and Provide Registered Email For Sharing Projects

Intellectual properties are now one of the most valued possessions; patents are worth it and help you legally protect your design creations; if you hold a patent in your country, you can stop the evil competitor company from stealing and copying your <Cropped>

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Antonis Perpatidis's Busan Opera House Opera House

Antonis Perpatidis Spotlights The Busan Opera House Opera House

Antonis Perpatidis, the architect of the awarded design Busan Opera House - Opera House by Antonis Perpatidis explains, The opera is designed to connect the sea and dry land. A reminder of sea waves but mountain slopes as well. It is the boundary bet <Cropped>

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