Smooth-faucet Basin Mixer by Ctesi Barros & Moreira, Sa

Ctesi Barros & Moreira, Sa Portrays The Smooth Faucet Basin Mixer

Ctesi Barros & Moreira, Sa, the designer of the award winning project Faucet Basin Mixer:Smooth by Ctesi Barros & Moreira, Sa explains, The design of the Smooth faucet basin mixer is inspired in the purest form of a cylinder, making a natural <Cropped>

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Award Winning Nova Heater

Chang Hee Lee Designs The Nova Heater

Chang Hee Lee, the author of the awarded design Chang Hee Lee's Nova Heater demonstrates, Heating Nova is a heating radiator unit mostly built from titanium and aluminum. The surface of the heater constantly interacts with the growing heat from <Cropped>

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Embracing Our Differences

Call to Artists – Cash Awards – Juried Exhibit Embracing Our Differences Is Accepting Submissions For Its 11th Annual Outdoor Art Exhibit Celebrating Diversity to Be Displayed During April-may 2014 in Sarasota, Fl Usa. National and International S

Call to artists – cash awards – juried exhibit embracing our differences is accepting submissions for its 11th annual outdoor art exhibit celebrating diversity to be displayed during april - may 2014 in sarasota, fl usa. national and internatio <Cropped>

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Valerii Sumilov's Et Cetera Merlot Exclusive Line of Quality Wine

Valerii Sumilov Shares The Et Cetera Merlot Exclusive Line of Quality Wine

Valerii Sumilov, the creative mind behind the displayed project Exclusive line of quality wine by Valerii Sumilov illustrates, The winemakers at «Et Cetera» approached me with the request of creating a label design for their new line if limited run <Cropped>

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Albatros by Tolga Berkay

Tolga Berkay Creates The Albatros Washbasin-Family Unit

Tolga Berkay, the creator of the highlighted work Washbasin - Family Unit by Tolga Berkay explains, It is designed as a washbasin and it consists of two units. Lower unit is 40 cm height and it is designed for children and also it is suitable for dis <Cropped>

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Residential House by Studio Mk27

Studio Mk27 Shares The House Residential House

Studio Mk27, the architect of the awarded work Residential House by Studio Mk27 points out, The interiors of cube house combine the large use of white with earthy redish colors, always richly texturized. The furniture and lamps are a mix of contempor <Cropped>

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Shameless Film Festival by Showtime

It Is a High Profile, High Visibility Campaign That Submissions For It Will Be Featured On Showtime Online, Plus a $30k in Cash Prizes!

It is a high profile, high visibility campaign that submissions for it will be featured on showtime online, plus a $30k in cash prizes!.

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Muse by Anarkhos Design

Anarkhos Design Discloses The Muse Lamp

Anarkhos Design , the creative mind behind the awarded work Anarkhos Design 's Muse Lamp says, The design consists of a luminaire that has a quantity of water that constantly evaporates and condenses within a contained vessel. The condensed drop <Cropped>

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Award Winning ‘…quel Genio Di Arturo!’ Emotional Lighting

Stefania Vola Reveals The ‘…quel Genio Di Arturo!’ Emotional Lighting

Stefania Vola, the creator of the award winning project emotional lighting by Stefania Vola spells out, The famous tale of Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp inspires the object’s shape while modern technology creates its magic effects. Made of a black <Cropped>

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Elena Monso Aguilar's Hier Light

Elena Monso Aguilar Reveals The Hier Light

Elena Monso Aguilar, the creator of the displayed design Hier - Light by Elena Monso Aguilar illustrates, The Hier table lamp is a fusion of two completely opposite aesthetic concepts: industrial and playful. Following one of the latest trends where <Cropped>

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