Design Innovation by Research

Multi-disciplinary Practice Studio Integrate Illustrates How Research in Materials, Geometry, Math and Environment Can Lead to Sustained Innovation Across Various Scales From Furniture and Lighting to Architecture and Infrastructure

At Studio INTEGRATE design processes are informed through systematic research. Considering the human sense of beauty and comfort as the most crucial aspect of design, we try to synthesize spatial quality, material performance, and relationship of the <Cropped>

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Multifunctional Bag by Yun Hsin Lee

Yun Hsin Lee Exhibits The Collectote Multifunctional Bag

Yun Hsin Lee, the thinktank behind the award winning design Yun Hsin Lee's Collectote Multifunctional Bag says, Collectote is a 3-in-1 bag that allows you to organize everything. Separate your large messenger bag, while carrying your essentials <Cropped>

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As1-Shuttlecock by Ian Hughes

Ian Hughes Reveals The As1 Shuttlecock

Ian Hughes, the maker of the award winning work Shuttlecock:AS1 by Ian Hughes illustrates, This is a training shuttlecock intended to be used by beginners and professionals. What sets this shuttle apart from existing shuttles is its adjustability. Th <Cropped>

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Significant Furniture 2014 Xi Edition %u201cthe Dressing Spaces%u201d Furniture Elements For Domestic Dressing Spaces

The Invitation Is to Develop a Piece of Furniture as a Tool Used to Organize in The Best Way Our Dressing Spaces. Particularly Appreciated Will Be Projects That Valorize Woodwork

The invitation is to develop a piece of furniture as a tool used to organize in the best way our dressing spaces. particularly appreciated will be projects that valorize woodwork..

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Applique by Mona Hussein

Mona Hussein Portrays The Ripple Applique Applique

Mona Hussein, the maker of the award winning project Applique by Mona Hussein explicates, Ripple Applique by Mona Hussein is inspired by raindrops when steadily observed and how they propagate and contrive a sequence of circular forms from the moment <Cropped>

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Bench by Mula Preta Design

Mula Preta Design Reveals The Serpentina Bench Bench

Mula Preta Design, the creator of the award winning design Serpentina Bench by Mula Preta Design points out, Serpentina bench is a versatile and unusual design. Inspired in the fridge condenser, a well-known everyday object, it is made by metallic tu <Cropped>

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Set:battleground by Ching Yee Lee

Ching Yee Lee Shares The Battleground Set

Ching Yee Lee, the creator of the award winning design SET by Ching Yee Lee illustrates, this design is set pieces for "battleground". Battleground is a first street dancing competition in Astro. This competition is open to every Malaysian <Cropped>

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The Worldlabel Mason Jar Label Contest

The 2014 Mason Jar Label Design Contest Is Brought to You by Design a Label For Preservatives, Jams, Storage, Sauces, Cookie Mix, Candy, Honey or Anything That You Would Like to Do With Mason Jars :)

The 2014 mason jar label design contest is brought to you by design a label for preservatives, jams, storage, sauces, cookie mix, candy, honey or anything that you would like to do with mason jars :).

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Award Winning Mäss Transformable Sofa

Claudio Sibille Exhibits The Mäss Transformable Sofa

Claudio Sibille, the project leader of the displayed design Award Winning Mäss Transformable sofa. says, I wanted to create a modular sofa that could be transformed in several separate seating solutions. The whole furniture consists of just two diff <Cropped>

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Sports Drink Package by Jeff Klok For Amcor Latam

Jeff Klok For Amcor Latam Illustrates The Profit Sports Drink For Toni, Ecuador Sports Drink Package

Jeff Klok for Amcor LATAM, the architect of the highlighted design PROfit Sports Drink For Toni, Ecuador by Jeff Klok for Amcor LATAM points out, The new packaging for PROfit launched in early 2013 evolving the brand identity and concept from a stand <Cropped>

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