The Global House-Store

The Global House-Store Is The Interior Design Contest Sponsored by The Italian Fashion Brand Malìparmi. The Company Is Looking For Original Concepts and Innovative Ideas to Be Wisely Implemented in The Monobrand Stores That Will Soon Be Opened by Which T

The global house-store is the interior design contest sponsored by the italian fashion brand malìparmi. the company is looking for original concepts and innovative ideas to be wisely implemented in the monobrand stores that will soon be opened by wh <Cropped>

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Eco Friendly Iphone Ipod Charging Dock With Missing Call Alert Feature by Xavier Houy

Xavier Houy Portrays The Stonedock Eco Friendly Iphone Ipod Charging Dock With Missing Call Alert Feature

Xavier Houy, the creator of the displayed project StoneDock by Xavier Houy says, The StoneDock automatically starts charging by simply plugging your iPhone or iPod on the connector. When the device is fully charged or unplugged, it will automatically <Cropped>

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Simon Colabufalo's Eva Fruit Tree

Simon Colabufalo Creates The Eva Fruit Tree

Simon Colabufalo, the lead designer of the highlighted work Eva - Fruit Tree by Simon Colabufalo says, Eva is a unique interpretation of a fruit bowl. .

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The Package Design of Chewing Gum by Yoichi Kondo

Yoichi Kondo Shows The Zeus The Package Design of Chewing Gum

Yoichi Kondo, the creator of the award winning design Award Winning ZEUS The package design of chewing gum explicates, Package designs for chewing gum. The concept of these design is "stimulating sensitivity". Targets of products are males <Cropped>

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3d Print Your Xmas V2

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell Rock… Xmas Is Just Round The Corner. Have You Already Prepared Your Xmas Presents? This Winter Desall Comes Into Your Help, With Our Brand New 3d Print Your Xmas V2! Design Your Gift and We’ll Print It Out For Yo

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock… xmas is just round the corner. have you already prepared your xmas presents? this winter desall comes into your help, with our brand new 3d print your xmas v2! design your gift and we’ll print it out f <Cropped>

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Textile by Rajatesh Nath Barbhuiya

Rajatesh Nath Barbhuiya Exhibits The Bio-Inspired Fabric Textile

Rajatesh Nath Barbhuiya, the author of the displayed work Textile by Rajatesh Nath Barbhuiya points out, Uniqueness :The textile can coil and uncoil upon human touch, can absorb carbon form from atmosphere based on the features of leaves and artifici <Cropped>

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Smooth-faucet Basin Mixer by Ctesi Barros & Moreira, Sa

Ctesi Barros & Moreira, Sa Portrays The Smooth Faucet Basin Mixer

Ctesi Barros & Moreira, Sa, the designer of the award winning project Faucet Basin Mixer:Smooth by Ctesi Barros & Moreira, Sa explains, The design of the Smooth faucet basin mixer is inspired in the purest form of a cylinder, making a natural <Cropped>

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Award Winning Nova Heater

Chang Hee Lee Designs The Nova Heater

Chang Hee Lee, the author of the awarded design Chang Hee Lee's Nova Heater demonstrates, Heating Nova is a heating radiator unit mostly built from titanium and aluminum. The surface of the heater constantly interacts with the growing heat from <Cropped>

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Embracing Our Differences

Call to Artists – Cash Awards – Juried Exhibit Embracing Our Differences Is Accepting Submissions For Its 11th Annual Outdoor Art Exhibit Celebrating Diversity to Be Displayed During April-may 2014 in Sarasota, Fl Usa. National and International S

Call to artists – cash awards – juried exhibit embracing our differences is accepting submissions for its 11th annual outdoor art exhibit celebrating diversity to be displayed during april - may 2014 in sarasota, fl usa. national and internatio <Cropped>

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Valerii Sumilov's Et Cetera Merlot Exclusive Line of Quality Wine

Valerii Sumilov Shares The Et Cetera Merlot Exclusive Line of Quality Wine

Valerii Sumilov, the creative mind behind the displayed project Exclusive line of quality wine by Valerii Sumilov illustrates, The winemakers at «Et Cetera» approached me with the request of creating a label design for their new line if limited run <Cropped>

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