Award Winning Turkcell Lounge Lounge and Events Area

Ayca Akkaya Kul and Onder Kul Reveals The Turkcell Lounge Lounge and Events Area

Ayca AKKAYA KUL and Onder Kul, the creator of the highlighted work Lounge and events area:Turkcell Lounge by Ayca AKKAYA KUL and Onder Kul explicates, Turkcell Lounge design and project project was performed in Ulker Sports Arena in Istanbul, not on <Cropped>

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Shopping Center:joy City Kid's World by Shen Junwei

Shen Junwei Presents The Joy City Kid's World Shopping Center

Shen Junwei, the project leader of the highlighted project Shopping Center:Joy City Kid's World by Shen Junwei points out, The architect is inspired by Dandelion Hill,imagining the form of hills when adopting the rhythm of'contouring lines& <Cropped>

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Loop by Tu Po Chun

Tu Po Chun Shows The Loop Interior Design

TU PO CHUN, the thinktank behind the awarded project LOOP by TU PO CHUN points out, Great deed is achieved via the simplest way; one is enlightened via the most natural way What is design? Answers for this question may vary from designer to designer. <Cropped>

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Less Is More-Reception Hall by Xin Shi Wang

Xin Shi Wang Discloses The Less Is More Reception Hall

Xin Shi Wang, the architect of the awarded project Less is More by Xin Shi Wang explains, The space planning and design decorates this reception hall with the static artworks that manifest the records of time, lights, shades and nature. The textures, <Cropped>

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Track-Residential by Peter Cheng and Sam Tsai

Peter Cheng and Sam Tsai Illustrates The Track Residential

Peter Cheng and Sam Tsai, the maker of the highlighted design Peter Cheng and Sam Tsai's Track Residential explains, The resident using glass, wooden texture and metal to create a modern and humanities atmosphere. Glass is a key element to conne <Cropped>

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Casa Ojala by Beatrice Bonzanigo

Beatrice Bonzanigo Exhibits The Casa Ojala Highly Flexible House

Beatrice Bonzanigo, the architect of the awarded design Beatrice Bonzanigo's Casa Ojala Highly Flexible House demonstrates, The architectural limits of forced views, filtered light, controlled air and untouchable canopy are broken. Casa Ojala is <Cropped>

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Collection:construction and Destruction by Vyri Junhan Yang

Vyri Junhan Yang Shares The Construction and Destruction Collection

Vyri Junhan Yang, the lead designer of the highlighted work Collection:Construction and Destruction by Vyri Junhan Yang points out, The mini collection tells a story about the deconstruction and reorganization. Inspired by the city ruins, the entire <Cropped>

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Handbag by Cozarllado

Cozarllado Reveals The Ce Qui Est Handbag

COZARLLADO, the maker of the awarded design Handbag:Ce Qui Est by COZARLLADO explains, “Ce Qui Est” , by COZARLLADO. Made of the finest leather, it has a compact shape, organic and feminine. It has two covers which can be lifted and allow you to <Cropped>

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Mixed Use Building by Sameh Farid

Sameh Farid Reveals The Productive Cooperative Union Mixed Use Building

Sameh Farid, the designer of the awarded design Productive Cooperative Union by Sameh Farid illustrates, When the architect began to study the location and the Surrounding history, He found that The building is located close to one of the wonders o <Cropped>

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Juan a. García and Juan D. Ramos's Tango Vase

Juan a. García and Juan D. Ramos Illustrates The Tango Vase

Juan A. García and Juan D. Ramos, the creator of the award winning design Award Winning Tango Vase points out, Tango was born as an idea of encapsulating a form-giving experience reflected in two worlds: engineering and design. Engineering, with the <Cropped>

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