Urban Logistics :link_urban Logistics by Ayelet Fishman

Ayelet Fishman Creates The Link_urban Logistics Urban Logistics

Ayelet Fishman, the maker of the awarded project Ayelet Fishman's link_urban logistics urban logistics explains, Link is a synchronized urban logistics system that makes use of existing public transportation infrastructure. The system enables se <Cropped>

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Award Winning Logical Side Table Side Table

Ronald Scliar Sasson Reveals The Logical Side Table Side Table

Ronald Scliar Sasson, the designer of the highlighted design Logical side table - Side table by Ronald Scliar Sasson explicates, The project was made with wood from sustainably use called Cypress, the docking system respects formal rigor in design, t <Cropped>

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Electro-Voice Zlx-Loudspeaker by Teams Design

Teams Design Portrays The Electro-Voice Zlx Loudspeaker

TEAMS Design, the lead designer of the displayed work Electro-Voice ZLX by TEAMS Design says, Electro-Voice has an established reputation for being at the forefront of professional audio equipment. The design of their products, however, was not reinf <Cropped>

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Award Winning Mount Davis Youth Hostel Hospitality

Karr Yip and Wilson Lee Discloses The Mount Davis Youth Hostel Hospitality

Karr Yip and Wilson Lee, the maker of the displayed work Karr Yip and Wilson Lee's Mount Davis Youth Hostel Hospitality demonstrates, Mount Davis Youth Hostel – Living with Our Military History The hostel is sitting at the middle of a unique c <Cropped>

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Thr350-Architecture-Residential by Aedas

Aedas Reveals The Thr350 Architecture-Residential

Aedas, the architect of the highlighted project Architecture - Residential by Aedas says, Located at a hillside on the Hong Kong Island, this nine-storey private residence is unique to the history and context of Hong Kong. The design is inspired by <Cropped>

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Award Winning The Wall Stadium Football Stadium

Mz Architects Shows The The Wall Stadium Football Stadium

MZ Architects, the thinktank behind the highlighted design The Wall Stadium - Football stadium by MZ Architects illustrates, The Wall Stadium is a one of a kind football stadium emerging from a green shallow dune in the middle of the desert. Its main <Cropped>

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Kitchen Accesories by Ahmad Abedini

Ahmad Abedini Demonstrates The Kitchen Train Kitchen Accesories

Ahmad Abedini, the creator of the award winning work KITCHEN TRAIN by Ahmad Abedini spells out, Using different styles of kitchen instruments creates an untidy cooking environment in addition to visual annoyance.Putting it in a nutshell,I tried to ma <Cropped>

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Daylight Spaces 2014

Until The Economic Production of Artificial Lighting Systems Daylight Was of Supreme Importance For The Utilisation of Buildings and Determining Element For Special Design. Therefore, Architectural Interventions On Existing and Historical Buildings and De

Until the economic production of artificial lighting systems daylight was of supreme importance for the utilisation of buildings and determining element for special design. therefore, architectural interventions on existing and historical buildings a <Cropped>

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Tea Package by Shaobin Lin

Shaobin Lin Reveals The Xin Lin Tea House Tea Package

Shaobin Lin, the project leader of the displayed work Award Winning XIN LIN TEA HOUSE TEA PACKAGE points out, This project has designed many fonts and graphics related Chaoshan culture and Gongfu tea. In the package design reflected the hollow effect <Cropped>

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Bathroom Set:fracture by Tolga Berkay

Tolga Berkay Shares The Fracture Bathroom Set

Tolga Berkay, the creator of the award winning work Tolga Berkay's FRACTURE bathroom set spells out, Unique style of ceramic sanitary ware, remarkable design of fracture glass lines Comment Deconstructivism…Fracture Disintegration of the integ <Cropped>

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