Mystery Build 2014-$21, 000 in Awards

Create a Work of Art Using Only The Materials Provided in a Mystery Build Kit! What's Inside? We Can't Tell You!mystery Build 2014 Call For Artists and Creators. Awards: $21, 000 in Cash Awards, Plus Gift Cards For Art Supplies! Submission

Create a work of art using only the materials provided in a mystery build kit! what's inside? we can't tell you!Mystery build 2014 call for artists and creators. awards: $21,000 in cash awards, plus gift cards for art supplies! submi <Cropped>

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Lamp & Decorative Item by Vlatko Bogovic

Vlatko Bogovic Shows The Sculptured Lamp-Lady #417 Lamp & Decorative Item

Vlatko Bogovic, the designer of the highlighted project Lamp & Decorative item by Vlatko Bogovic illustrates, The design is uniquely shaped associative female form. Being made without decorativeness, or any redundant parts or details, it looks ba <Cropped>

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Publish Design Book With Designer Press

If You Are a Designer, Artists or Architect, Then Publishing Your Design Book With Designer Press Is Your Chance to Highlight Your Expertise, Wisdom and Experience

If you are passionate about your designs and creations and wish the world to know about it, getting your design book published is what you need. By publishing your design book, you could unlock a different level of creativity within yourself meanwhil <Cropped>

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Xifix2base Arm-Chair-One by Juergen Josef Goetzmann

Juergen Josef Goetzmann Presents The Xifix2base Arm-Chair-One Armchair

Juergen Josef Goetzmann, the designer of the highlighted work armchair by Juergen Josef Goetzmann points out, The armchair-design is based on the required minimum of physics and material - realized by one endless pipe. The stability is achieved by th <Cropped>

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Award Winning Goes Rock Too Living

Fernanda Marques Illustrates The Goes Rock Too Living

Fernanda Marques, the project leader of the displayed work Goes Rock too - living by Fernanda Marques says, idouble-height living room where a steel walkway links the different levels somewhat idyllic construction for setting of those proportions roo <Cropped>

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Danish Crowdsourcing Logo Design Contest

Danish Crowdsourcing Is Crowdsourcing Their New Logo Design! Help Us Find Our Graphic Identity and Win €800, -!help Us Find Our Graphic Indentity and Win €800, -! Contest Duration: September 29th-october 8th Please See The Following Link For Fur

Danish crowdsourcing is crowdsourcing their new logo design! help us find our graphic identity and win €800,-!Help us find our graphic indentity and win €800,-! contest duration: september 29th - october 8th please see the following link fo <Cropped>

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Table by Javier Olmeda Raya

Javier Olmeda Raya Exhibits The Dendrone Table

Javier Olmeda Raya, the creative mind behind the awarded work Dendrone by Javier Olmeda Raya says, A coffee table isn't just for holding books and vases. Dendrone is a table in which complex geometries and digital fabrication technologies marry <Cropped>

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Consortium For Good Design

The World Design Consortium Offers The Best Possible Design Within The Budget of Its Clients

World Design Consortium can be understood as the Worlds’ largest & best design company in existence. To comprehend its scope, imagine the Worlds’ best designers, artists, architects, engineers and companies teaming up to create superior new p <Cropped>

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Live Music Bar:lido Cafe by Mario J Lotti

Mario J Lotti Shows The Lido Cafe Live Music Bar

Mario J Lotti, the lead designer of the highlighted design Lido Cafe by Mario J Lotti says, The First floor is an under water experience and the Second floor is an above water experience. The underwater experience includes a light organ as stage back <Cropped>

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Store:family Center by Ali Alavi

Ali Alavi Portrays The Family Center Store

Ali Alavi, the architect of the highlighted work Store by Ali Alavi demonstrates, There are a few reasons why I enclosed the long (30 meters) front wall. One, was that the existing building's elevation was really unpleasant, and I had no permiss <Cropped>

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