Urban Wheel-Electric Unicycle by Weinan Yang

Weinan Yang Portrays The Urban Wheel Electric Unicycle

Weinan Yang, the project leader of the awarded project Urban Wheel - Electric Unicycle by Weinan Yang says, Urban Wheel is a redesign of electric unicycle, changing the way that users interact with it, in order to produce maximum value of self-balanc <Cropped>

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Coffee Maker by Aid Team, Asli Okmen

Aid Team, Asli Okmen Spotlights The K8580 Coffee Maker Coffee Maker

AID Team, Asli Okmen, the designer of the displayed work Coffee Maker:K8580 Coffee Maker by AID Team, Asli Okmen spells out, It provides an intuitive user experience with its lightening display area. Besides its remarkable design details, it provides <Cropped>

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Eclectic Indian Penthouse by Nupur Magdum/Satyajit Bhosle

Nupur Magdum/Satyajit Bhosle Exhibits The Eclectic Indian Penthouse Penthouse

Nupur Magdum / Satyajit Bhosle, the author of the displayed design Eclectic Indian penthouse by Nupur Magdum / Satyajit Bhosle explains, The aim was a home that was a warm & lived-in, not contrived or artificial . A residence, luxurious not fla <Cropped>

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Award Winning Kunming Wanda Small Town Small Town Landscape

Yun Du Portrays The Kunming Wanda Small Town Small Town Landscape

Yun Du, the thinktank behind the awarded design Kunming Wanda Small Town - Small Town Landscape by Yun Du says, Kunming Wanda Small Town integrates different ethnic cultural heritages into the town's creative planning and makes use of the powerf <Cropped>

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New Wardrobe Doors

Tomasella and Desall Invite You to Design a New Collection of Doors, Sliding and Hinged Doors, For a Series of Composable Wardrobe Systems Currently Featuring Their Catalogue.new Wardrobe Doors New Product Design Contest On Desall.com: Tomasella and Desa

Tomasella and desall invite you to design a new collection of doors, sliding and hinged doors, for a series of composable wardrobe systems currently featuring their catalogue.New wardrobe doors new product design contest on desall.com: tomasella and <Cropped>

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Multifunctional Working Interior by Yu Ting Wang and Chien Hsing Chen

Yu Ting Wang and Chien Hsing Chen Demonstrates The The Gallery Glaces Multifunctional Working Interior

Yu Ting Wang and Chien Hsing Chen, the creative mind behind the displayed work Multifunctional working interior by Yu Ting Wang and Chien Hsing Chen illustrates, As inspired by Glerie Des Glaces, at this limited open site, the spatial construction of <Cropped>

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Kathy Mueller 's 10th Anniversary Commemorative Poster Poster

Kathy Mueller Shares The 10th Anniversary Commemorative Poster Poster

Kathy Mueller , the creator of the displayed project Poster:10th Anniversary Commemorative Poster by Kathy Mueller says, Cocktails Against Cancer hosts an annual fundraising event to raise donations for its beneficiaries. This white ink silkscreen an <Cropped>

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Mind The Sea Showroom by Honglei Liu-Blvd

Honglei Liu-Blvd Reveals The Mind The Sea Showroom Showroom

Honglei Liu - BLVD, the creative mind behind the displayed design Showroom by Honglei Liu - BLVD points out, This showroom has more emphasize on conceptual features, aiming to present an environmental, modern and creative branding spirit to visitor <Cropped>

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Wireless Power Strip:unwired by Xiaoqiao Shen and Guoxin Wu

Xiaoqiao Shen and Guoxin Wu Exhibits The Unwired Wireless Power Strip

Xiaoqiao Shen and Guoxin Wu, the project leader of the award winning work Unwired by Xiaoqiao Shen and Guoxin Wu spells out, Unwired is a power strip with a detachable wire, which turns it into a portable power supply that can be moved freely around <Cropped>

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Residential by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Illustrates The Big Room Residential

The designer of the displayed project Residential:Big Room by Acclaimed Designer illustrates, All interior walls were torn down to transfigure the inefficient living setting into a 270-sqft modern airy studio flat. The home fills with energy to play <Cropped>

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