Pixo by Pixo Design Team

Pixo Design Team Shares The Pixo Digital Watch

PIXO DESIGN TEAM, the designer of the awarded design DIGITAL WATCH:PIXO by PIXO DESIGN TEAM demonstrates, The concept is about to "digitalise" the "rolling numbers" of the mechanical clock in 70's. With its full dot-matrix di <Cropped>

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Coffee Table by Anna Moraitou, Desarch Architects

Anna Moraitou, Desarch Architects Shares The Cell Coffee Table Coffee Table

Anna Moraitou, Desarch Architects, the creator of the award winning project Award Winning Cell Coffee Table coffee table explicates, With this piece of furniture we aim to upgrade the quality and the aesthetics of interior space and to raise issues a <Cropped>

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Peltolan Blue Cheese by Packlab

Packlab Exhibits The Peltolan Blue Cheese Innovative Brand and Packaging Design

PACKLAB, the architect of the award winning work Innovative brand and packaging design by PACKLAB points out, The ''Slice of Finnish Nature'' was a narrative taken literally and transferred to the stackable structure that forms a <Cropped>

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Residence by Primocasa Interiors Limited

Primocasa Interiors Limited Creates The Spring Seaview Terrace Residence

Primocasa Interiors Limited, the author of the displayed work Spring Seaview Terrace - Residence by Primocasa Interiors Limited points out, This is a 2,700 square ft. unit with balcony designed mainly for a family of four members. The theme of this u <Cropped>

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Alessandro Luciani Designer-Shop Concept by Alessandro Luciani

Alessandro Luciani Spotlights The Alessandro Luciani Designer Shop Concept

Alessandro Luciani, the architect of the award winning work Alessandro Luciani's Alessandro Luciani Designer SHOP CONCEPT says, The inspiring principles of the project consist in transforming the prospective clients’ approach towards their tir <Cropped>

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Off The Wall-Design Contest For a New Furnishing Metal Bookshelf

Design Contest For a New Furnishing Metal Bookshelfmabele, Brand of The Italian Ma-bo, Is Looking For Original Solutions For Metal Bookshelves That Might Be Hung On The Walls Just Like Pictures. The Proposals Should Be Able to Adorn An Empty Wall Characte

Design contest for a new furnishing metal bookshelfMabele, brand of the italian ma-bo, is looking for original solutions for metal bookshelves that might be hung on the walls just like pictures. the proposals should be able to adorn an empty wall cha <Cropped>

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Retail by Pplusp Designers Ltd

Pplusp Designers Ltd. Presents The Mcintosh Av Galleria Retail

PplusP Designers Ltd., the maker of the highlighted work Award Winning McIntosh AV Galleria Retail demonstrates, The machines of this audio system store are for an exclusive, high-end market, the materials used for the interiors have to align with th <Cropped>

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Award Winning La Torre High End Tv

Vestel Id Team Illustrates The La Torre High End Tv

Vestel Id Team, the maker of the displayed design High end TV :La Torre by Vestel Id Team explains, In this design, there is no front cover holding the display. The TV is hold by the back cabinet hidden behind the display panel. The eloxal thin bezel <Cropped>

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Ideaing-Exhibition Space by Zheng Peng

Zheng Peng Shares The Ideaing Exhibition Space

Zheng Peng, the maker of the displayed work Zheng Peng's Ideaing Exhibition space illustrates, This is the enterprise exhibition hall at 2013 Guangzhou Design Week designed by C&C Design Co., Ltd. The design neatly disposes the space of less <Cropped>

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Silver Wave

Find New Interesting Application For The Greggio Pure Silver Foils.silver Wave Greggio, Benchmark Company in The Silver World, Is Now Looking For New Applications For Its Technology and Know-hows Based On The Production and Working of Pure Silver Foils A

Find new interesting application for the greggio pure silver foils.Silver wave greggio, benchmark company in the silver world, is now looking for new applications for its technology and know-hows based on the production and working of pure silver fo <Cropped>

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