Arturo Fis's Allison-Kindle Living Patio Heater and Lamp

Arturo Fis Designs The Allison-Kindle Living Patio Heater and Lamp

Arturo Fis, the project leader of the displayed design Allison - Kindle Living - Patio Heater and Lamp by Arturo Fis explains, Allison has transformed the unattractive, long outdated, approach of outdoor heating and given it a sense of beauty and ele <Cropped>

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Kagome-Stool by Shinn Asano

Shinn Asano Reveals The Kagome Stool

Shinn Asano, the lead designer of the awarded project Stool by Shinn Asano demonstrates, Designed by Shinn Asano with background in graphic design, Sen is a 6 piece collection of steel furniture that turns 2D lines into 3D forms. Each piece including <Cropped>

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Hakan Gürsu's Loft Table

Hakan Gürsu Shows The Loft Table

Hakan Gürsu, the creative mind behind the awarded project Loft - Table by Hakan Gürsu explains, Designed with no visible fixing details, Loft Table provides a simple look either for your classy office or your stylish home. Combined of 3 different <Cropped>

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Innocyfer-Design Your Coffee-Machine

In The Context of The Research Project Innocyfer The Technical University of Munich (tum), The Bsh-hausgeräte Gmbh and Hyve Are Looking For Your Ideas Regarding The Ideal Fully Automated Coffee The Context of The Research Project Innocyfer The

In the context of the research project innocyfer the technical university of munich (tum), the bsh-hausgeräte gmbh and hyve are looking for your ideas regarding the ideal fully automated coffee machine.In the context of the research project innocyfe <Cropped>

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Motorcycle:motor Capsule by Athanasia Leivaditou

Athanasia Leivaditou Creates The Motor Capsule Motorcycle

Athanasia Leivaditou, the thinktank behind the awarded design Motor Capsule by Athanasia Leivaditou explains, The main concept is that the driver’s body is protected in a big capsule made of metal, carbon-fiber and fiber glass. It can be considered <Cropped>

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Drinks Can:compression Can by Nantapoom Chumpengphan

Nantapoom Chumpengphan Discloses The Compression Can Drinks Can

Nantapoom Chumpengphan, the designer of the highlighted project Compression Can - Drinks Can by Nantapoom Chumpengphan says, This recyclable drinks can is designed with the environment in mind. A thin layer of liquid-proof membrane is squashed betwee <Cropped>

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Award Winning Raw Clock

Stanley Ruiz Illustrates The Raw Clock

Stanley Ruiz, the maker of the highlighted project Stanley Ruiz's Raw Clock illustrates, Raw is a hanging clock that highlights the natural beauty of wood - its texture, color nuances, (im)perfections. Fabricated using a CNC-milling machine and <Cropped>

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South West College by Donna Strain

Donna Strain Spotlights The South West College E-Learning Website

Donna Strain, the creative mind behind the highlighted project E-learning Website by Donna Strain illustrates, We recently completed a total redesign and relaunch of a new, bespoke website and system for South West College. South West College is an e <Cropped>

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Antonio Bernardo-Leblon by Dado Castello Branco

Dado Castello Branco Portrays The Antonio Bernardo-Leblon Store

Dado Castello Branco, the author of the displayed project Antonio Bernardo - Leblon - Store by Dado Castello Branco illustrates, The jewelry store portrays in its architecture the personality of the client. In consequence, it is a cozy and informal e <Cropped>

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Alicia Rius Photography by Arnau Bosch Verges

Arnau Bosch Verges Creates The Alicia Rius Photography Business Card

Arnau Bosch Verges, the lead designer of the displayed project Business card by Arnau Bosch Verges demonstrates, Alicia Rius was meeting Steve McCurry from Magnum Photos, and she asked Arnau Bosch Verges to come up with an idea for a unique business <Cropped>

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