Award Winning Raw Clock

Stanley Ruiz Illustrates The Raw Clock

Stanley Ruiz, the maker of the highlighted project Stanley Ruiz's Raw Clock illustrates, Raw is a hanging clock that highlights the natural beauty of wood - its texture, color nuances, (im)perfections. Fabricated using a CNC-milling machine and <Cropped>

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South West College by Donna Strain

Donna Strain Spotlights The South West College E-Learning Website

Donna Strain, the creative mind behind the highlighted project E-learning Website by Donna Strain illustrates, We recently completed a total redesign and relaunch of a new, bespoke website and system for South West College. South West College is an e <Cropped>

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Antonio Bernardo-Leblon by Dado Castello Branco

Dado Castello Branco Portrays The Antonio Bernardo-Leblon Store

Dado Castello Branco, the author of the displayed project Antonio Bernardo - Leblon - Store by Dado Castello Branco illustrates, The jewelry store portrays in its architecture the personality of the client. In consequence, it is a cozy and informal e <Cropped>

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Alicia Rius Photography by Arnau Bosch Verges

Arnau Bosch Verges Creates The Alicia Rius Photography Business Card

Arnau Bosch Verges, the lead designer of the displayed project Business card by Arnau Bosch Verges demonstrates, Alicia Rius was meeting Steve McCurry from Magnum Photos, and she asked Arnau Bosch Verges to come up with an idea for a unique business <Cropped>

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SakÀ by Prim Prim Studio

Prim Prim Studio Demonstrates The SakÀ Visual Identity

PRIM PRIM Studio, the architect of the award winning design visual identity by PRIM PRIM Studio illustrates, PRIM PRIM studio created visual identity for the guest house SAKÀ including: name and logo design, graphics for every room (symbol design, w <Cropped>

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Helmet by Cliff Shin

Cliff Shin Exhibits The Intelligente Helmet

Cliff Shin, the architect of the displayed project Helmet by Cliff Shin spells out, The possible applications of wearable interfaces capture the imagination, yet even as they pervade movies and popular culture, there are very few examples of practica <Cropped>

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Award Winning Il Mosnel Qde 2012 Sparkling Wine Label and Pack

Laura Ferrario Discloses The Il Mosnel Qde 2012 Sparkling Wine Label and Pack

Laura Ferrario, the lead designer of the highlighted work Sparkling Wine Label and Pack:Il Mosnel QdE 2012 by Laura Ferrario demonstrates, Just as the Iseo Lake splashes on the banks of Franciacorta, so the sparkling wine wets the sides of a glass. T <Cropped>

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Artistic Lighting by Stefania Vola

Stefania Vola Discloses The Isadora Artistic Lighting

Stefania Vola, the creator of the award winning design Stefania Vola's Isadora Artistic Lighting explains, Isadora, Series Luminaria, Suspension/ Floor lamp. Resin sculture, details in special steel corten. Led lighting. The Luminaria sculptures <Cropped>

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Bend by Vincenzo Vinci

Vincenzo Vinci Discloses The Bend Chair

Vincenzo Vinci, the author of the displayed work Bend - Chair by Vincenzo Vinci says, Made from only two pinched metal sheets, the seat and the back rest become one single unit after many bending steps which allow to build the shape and the structure <Cropped>

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Food Feeder by Kidsme

Kidsme Shows The Food Feeder Plus Food Feeder

kidsme, the creative mind behind the awarded work Food Feeder:Food Feeder Plus by kidsme points out, The Food Feeder Plus not only helps children to eat alone, but also means more independence for the parents. Babies can hold by themselves and suck a <Cropped>

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