Viktor Kovtun's Minimum Table

Viktor Kovtun Portrays The Minimum Table

Viktor Kovtun, the author of the awarded project Table by Viktor Kovtun demonstrates, Very light and simple in production and transportation. It is very functional design, although it is externally very light and unique. This unit is fully disassembl <Cropped>

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Invisibobble 'around The World' Design Contest

Imagine You Could Create Your Personal and Innovative Invisibobble Packaging Design With The Hair Ring Color You’ve Always Been Waiting For. We Invite You to Join The Community, Let Your Creativity Run Free, Submit Your Own Packaging Design and Be Part

Imagine you could create your personal and innovative invisibobble packaging design with the hair ring color you’ve always been waiting for. we invite you to join the community, let your creativity run free, submit your own packaging design and be <Cropped>

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Tsingtao 1903 Bar-Bar by Wangtao

Wangtao Reveals The Tsingtao 1903 Bar Bar

Wangtao, the lead designer of the awarded project Wangtao's Tsingtao 1903 bar bar says, This is the starting point of "Community Pubs Plan" of Tsingtao Beer Company and it is also the very first store. An experiential chain store of be <Cropped>

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Logo by Dongdao Design Team

Dongdao Design Team Exhibits The Sense Logo

Dongdao Design Team , the project leader of the highlighted design Sense by Dongdao Design Team explicates, The creation was heavily influenced by Zen Buddhism. The Chinese word ‘san’ is an utmost important number in traditional Eastern mindset: <Cropped>

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Urban Seat by Davood Abbasi

Davood Abbasi Creates The Mappel Bench Urban Seat

Davood Abbasi, the thinktank behind the displayed project Urban Seat:Mappel Bench by Davood Abbasi demonstrates, Mappel is inspired by the form of a maple seed. Using natural and organic forms and curves in this seat is pleasant for the user. The erg <Cropped>

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Gosh! Parallel 2 by Ryan Xie

Ryan Xie Shares The Gosh! Parallel 2 Portable Battery Case

Ryan Xie, the maker of the highlighted design gosh! Parallel 2 by Ryan Xie illustrates, The Parallel 2 is a detachable 'slide on' Battery Case with a built-in lightning connector. The battery pack glides into a precision engineered grooves <Cropped>

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Deep Cavern Studio-The Habitat of The Artist by Claudio Hebberecht

Claudio Hebberecht Demonstrates The Deep Cavern Studio The Habitat of The Artist

Claudio Hebberecht, the project leader of the displayed work Claudio Hebberecht's Deep Cavern Studio The Habitat of the Artist demonstrates, The Habitat of the Artist, fully integrated into the environment by it´s natural flowing lines. Reinfo <Cropped>

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One Bloor-Presentation Centre by Cecconi Simone

Cecconi Simone Illustrates The One Bloor Presentation Centre

Cecconi Simone, the project leader of the displayed project Cecconi Simone's One Bloor Presentation Centre illustrates, The One Bloor presentation centre is a total environment. It uses innovative construction, materials and technology to prese <Cropped>

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Website:creative Manila by John Vincent Redrico

John Vincent Redrico Demonstrates The Creative Manila Website

John Vincent Redrico, the author of the awarded work Creative Manila by John Vincent Redrico demonstrates, Being the inspiration network of the Philippines, Creative Manila builds a community for creative professionals, students, and enthusiasts both <Cropped>

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Intelligent Luggage by Trunkster

Trunkster Spotlights The Trunkster Intelligent Luggage

Trunkster, the author of the displayed design Trunkster by Trunkster spells out, Trunkster is world's most revolutionary luggage featuring a first-of-its-kind sliding rolltop door for faster access than traditional zippered luggage. In addition, <Cropped>

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